14ct Gold Yellow Byzantine Chain Square Necklace

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The 14ct gold yellow Byzantine chain square necklace uses traditional Byzantine design. Each link in the chain is carefully crafted to give a stylish finish perfect for all occasions.

The necklace has high quality 14ct yellow gold with a length of 25 inches and a width of 6mm. It has a smooth yet strong feel to it, adding a touch of class to any outfit. The luxurious finish adds an element of opulence to your look and this stunning piece of jewellery is sure to capture attention.


  •  Crafted from high quality 14ct yellow gold Byzantine chain
  •  Traditional Byzantine style design 
  •  25 inch length and 6mm width (approxiamate)
  •  50.5g weight (approxiamate)


  •  Perfect jewellery for all occasions 
  •  High Quality, durable piece 
  •  Luxurious golden finish adds sophistication and elegance

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